Australia Student Visa

Australia is one of the world’s driving global training specialist organizations, offering a quality educational experience is unique, challenging, rewarding and fulfilling.

The visa application process may seem long and entangled and you are not wrong

In any case, that is precisely why we’re here – to help and guide you through the whole procedure.

Below documents are required what you’ll have to hold up your visa (a couple of additional items might be important):

  • 1. Application form (Student’s details must be exactly same as in passport)
  • 2. 10th and 12th Mark sheet and certificate
  • 3. Diploma/Degree Mark Sheets (all semesters including backlogs) and degree course completion certificate
  • 4. Provisional/Degree Certificate (must mention the class, certificate should have been issued by the University)
  • 5. English Expertise Document
  • 6. Letter of instructions (for some Universities only)
  • 7 Supporting documents for gap (if gap is longer than a year)
  • 8 Statement of Purpose
  • 9 Syllabus (if applying for credit exemption)
  • 10 Work Experience letter and salary statement (if applicable)
  • 11 Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • 12 Copy of Passport
  • 13 Application fees (if applicable)
  • 14 Resume
  • 15 Spouse academics (if applicable)
  • 16 Spouse current activity proof (if applicable)
  • 17 Name Change Affidavit (if applicable)

A medical checkup is also mandatory. It’s best to lodge your application at least 12 weeks before the orientation date at your institution. Leave the paperwork to us.