Tier2 Work Permit Visa

The general UK Work Permit classification is not anymore accessible. In any case, there are different roads which enable a person to Work in the UK. Tier 2 Work Permit Visa based on point-based system and is used for migrants which are out of Europe. Tier 2 General is a point-based system, which is for migrants from outside Europe

You don’t need to apply with the point-based system, in case, if –

– You are a national of a nation in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland – the European national segment portrays your entitlement to work in the UK.

– You are a Commonwealth resident with consent to enter or remain in the UK in light of the fact that no less than one of your grandparents was born here – the UK heritage area clarifies how you can apply.

– You are British abroad domains national, except you are from independent zones in Cyprus..

– Your partner or parents have authorization to reside in the UK beneath Tier 2 point based system.

– You have no time limit or conditions appended to your stay.

Tier 2 Work permit visa enables an applicant to stay and work in the UK and apply for a PR after a predefined timeframe. So in the event that you want sponsorship from a UK employer, apply for Tier 2 visa now. Contact Receptive Solutions Consultancy for getting more information on Tier 2 Work Permit visa.

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